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Matthew S. Klee

Matthew S. Klee has over 35 years’ experience in chemical, pharmaceutical and analytical instrument industries. His innovative spirit manifested early on (e.g., designing and installing a motorized bedroom door opener as a young teenager, writing machine-level code in high school), continued through undergraduate school (e.g., building a high-voltage power supply for a carbon dioxide laser), graduate school (e.g., building a mobile Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman spectrometer with homemade nitrogen-pumped dye laser), and never slowing throughout his industrial careers.

Dr. Klee is a prolific inventor, perceptive technologist and commercialization enthusiast with direct personal experience in all stages and aspects of new-technology commercialization. He is also a highly-effective public speaker and technical business trainer. Some examples of Dr. Klee’s accomplishments can be viewed by selecting from the menu on the left of this page. This unique blend of experience provides both the tools and perspective to quickly assess your current business situation and then design and deliver customized consulting that will positively and efficiently impact your path forward.

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