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Matthew S. Klee

Patents, Trademarks and Intellectual Property

Benefitting from many decades of successful invention, new-technology commercialization and assessment experience, Dr. Klee is able to quickly assess the technical merits of intellectual property, recommend what forms of protection are important for a given technology, and to assist with effective document preparation and review. His experience includes:

  • Inventor or co-inventor on ≥14 granted patents and ≥17 additoinal published US and foreign patent applications.

  • Personally authored and prosecuted a US patent personal invention. Patent granted only 9 months after initial submission.

  • Personally applied for and was granted a US Trademark.

  • Contributor and author of numerous proprietary (trade secret) chemical, physical, mechanical and manufacturing processes.

  • Author of numerous binding confidential disclosure agreements – each designed for the parties involved and the purpose of the disclosures

  • Judged the novelty, strength and business value of intellectual property of new technology that had been proposed for acquisition in role as primary Technical Lead in New Business Acquisition team (Agilent Technologies).

  • Evaluated competitive strength of product portfolios of several acquisition targets (from $3M to $1.5B valuations) in terms of features, performance, user satisfaction.

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