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Matthew S. Klee

New Technology Commercialization

5973 Inert MSD and 5975A MSD
(Agilent Technologies, Inc.)
Lead multi-site, cross-functional team (R&D HW and SW, manufacturing, quality, support, marketing, and user documentation) from design through introduction of world-leading benchtop mass spectrometer detectors for gas chromatographs (>$300M/yr). First to apply phase-(stage-)gate process to project management in the business group.

HP 4440 Chemical Sensor (world’s first commercial mass-spectrometer based "electronic nose", Agilent Technologies, Inc.)
Managed international cross-functional team (R&D HW and SW, manufacturing, quality, support, marketing, and sales) from initial concept through introduction of best-in-class product. Under the umbrella of Integrity Measurement Systems, developed business proposals for new technology acquisition as part of business expansion strategy.

Fast GC and Method Translation
(Agilent Technologies, Inc)
Key proponent, innovator and Program Champion. Participated on inventing, developing and commercializing next-generation gas chromatographic techniques that became key product differentiators for HP/Agilent. Participated in extensive "voice of the customer" program. Co-inventor on multidimensional GC extension approach. Primary concept trainer, author, and lecturer during worldwide marketing tours.

Capillary Flow Technology
(Agilent Technologies, Inc)
Product(s) Champion and Program Lead for multiple products that greatly enhance the capabilities of gas chromatographs. Key inventor, developer, trainer, author of pivotal journal articles and marketing material, and overall internal and external Products Champion.

Capillary Column Backflush
Conceived, developed, documented, and promoted a process that leverages customers’ investment in market-leading gas chromatographs by greatly improving analysis cycle times, energy consumption, and cost per analysis. Author of pivotal journal articles and technical marketing material as well as the mathematical models used in an automated setup Wizard added to instrument control software.

Supercritical Fluid Chromatograph
Generated technical marketing material and proof of performance for disruptive chromatographic technique. Was granted a patent on specific use of the technology for petroleum analysis. Key product champion, teacher, author, and lecturer during product launch.

Next-Generation Thermal Modulator for Comprehensive Multidimensional Gas Chromatography
Project Manager leading international team in early-stage development of new technology approach to promising multidimensional GC technique. Assessed Intellectual Property position, defined product requirements, reviewed patent submissions, reviewed/refined agreements with outside researchers, implemented phase-gate process, developed potential sales channel partners.


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