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Matthew S. Klee

New Technology Evaluation/Development

Carbon-Based Chemical Sensors (Agilent)
Designed and performed tests to evaluate performance of novel carbon-based sensor arrays, potentially applicable to explosives threat detection. These were of interest as a potential new-technology market entry play by Agilent Technologies.

Bead Composition for Nitrogen/Phosphorus Detector (Agilent)
Test design and implementation to qualify performance of new "bead" used to selectively detect nitrogen- and phosphorus-containing compounds.

Surface Inertness/Deactivation (Agilent)
Designed and performed tests of various deactivation approaches to make sample-facing surfaces in gas chromatographs and mass spectrometers more inert. Recommended several processes and materials that were adopted for implementation. Wrote SOPs for use by manufacturing and outside vendors to test activity and verify inertness of final product.

Inlet Liner Design (HP/Agilent)
Designed and performed tests to explore the analytical performance of a novel sample introduction approaches and GC inlet liner designs that improved method reproducibility and overall method performance.

New Technology for Potential Licensing/Acquisition (Agilent)
As Technical Lead in New Technology/Business Acquisition Group, assessed technical merits, competitive positioning, and intellectual property position of many disruptive and product expanding technologies.  

Supercritical Water Oxidation of Waste (SK&F)
Lead team to evaluate the ability of supercritical water oxidation as an eco-friendly means of remediating waste from pharmaceutical production. Oversaw overall process demonstration. Designed and performed tests to measure destruction efficiency.

Novel On-Line Process Analyses (DuPont)
Conceived, assembled, tested and implemented a flexible benchtop MS system for on-line monitoring of chemical processes in pilot plant. Conceived and implemented novel on-line auto-titration system for automated on-line analysis of process streams in pilot plant.

Large-Scale Purification of Antibiotics Produced by Fermentation (SK&F)
Designed, optimized and implemented novel kg-scale chromatographic isolation and purification of antibiotic candidate produced through fermentation.


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