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Bringing a new technology successfully to market is much more difficult and risky than introducing an "improved" or "next generation" product; especially if the new technology is disruptive. Considering that many new technologies are introduced by small companies with financial constraints and limited product commercialization experience, it is critical to make wise use of experienced external advisors who can quickly identify and fill skill gaps, optimize business plans, test assumptions, and provide an independent (dispassionate) perspective.

Honoring the fact that each company is unique, XO Associates takes a flexible and collaborative approach with our clients. Each collaboration starts with a conversation to define client needs, timing, goals and constraints/limitations. Based on that, a proposal and initial quote are generated that define the scope of work, costs, timing and responsibilities of each party for the client to consider and iterate if necessary.

If you are interested in discussing if and how XO Associates can help you reach your business goals, please start by providing some basic informatio on our Inquiry Form.

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